Oct 272014
Is a neoliberal economic model without an equally liberal political system sustainable? - A look at Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement

41 1 The current Hong Kong democratic protest will be an interesting case study in looking at the relation between liberal thinking, neoliberal economics and a totalitarian regime. China although still under the brand of a Communist country, their decentralised and open economic reforms since Deng Xiao Ping about 30 years ago are in essence […]

Nov 152010
Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story

9 0Recently, I watched the programme of Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story by Channel 4. The programme, presented by Martin Durkin, painted a very gloomy picture for Britain. Using many visual presentations, Mr Durkin was telling the people in Britain that we are in serious trouble with 4.8 trillion pound in debt. And then, it […]