Nov 092014
Manet and Pre-Raphaelites: French and British modernism

33 0During the active years of Édouard Manet (1832-1883) and the impressionists after him in France;  the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (1848) and William Morris (1834–96) in Britain, the Industrial Revolution had spread across Europe. The impact of the Industrial Revolution was far-reaching. Mechanised production processes, the invention of machines to replace labour, the development of mass […]

Jul 172011
What is French cuisine?

22 0What is French cuisine? I have asked this question to many people and to myself. To get an answer is harder than you think. For example, when you think of Italian cuisine, you will say immediately pizza, pasta. For Indian, it’s curry. For British, fish and chips. For Chinese, sweet and sour. But for […]

Jul 022011
Morzine on the French Alps in summer and Chalet in Morzine

37 0The dream started with a Japanese anime series from the 70s  called Heidi, Girl of the Alps (飄零燕) about an orphan Heidi who lived on the Alps. It is based on the Swiss novel “Heidi’s Years of Wandering and Learning” by Johanna Spyri (1880). Ever since watching the cartoon series, I always idealised that […]

Jul 112010

10 6Picking France as a holiday destination can be expensive. From my experience, the best value you can get without sacrifising quality too much is to stay in Logis (pronounciation similar to “lo shi” in French), an independently run lodging promoted and structured under an organisation called Logis de France in the beginning. The brand […]

Jul 042010
Where to see Lavender in Provence?

32 16Starting from mid-Jun, the lavender plants will start to bloom in many parts of Provence, France. It will last until mid August, when farmers start to harvest the lavender and make them into all different types of scented products we love today: lavender oil, lavender soap, lavender lotion, lavender herbs, you name it. [singlepic […]

Jul 022010

25 3I just came back from a trip to Provence and had the most wonderful steak tartare I’ve ever had. Curious as usual, I was very eager to find out how did the name tartare come from. What does it mean? Is steak tartare originated from France? Is tartare a French word? First, the meaning […]