Mar 132011
How did the Chinese respond to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami

14   4Since the Second World War, the Japan China relationship has always been awkard and uneasy and they have never been close. This is true not just from the government and political level, but among the ordinary citizens as well.  I am a Chinese. My grandfather would never buy any Japanese goods when he was […]

Jul 252010
The Top 10 Chinese Masterpiece Paintings

24   2The Top 10 Chinese Masterpiece Chinese Paintings Chinese paintings use ink, brush and colour pigment to draw on silk or rice paper. This is very different to the Western paintings. During the Beijing Olympics ceremonies in 2008, you probably have seen the breath-taking scenes of opening a scroll of pictures. I have no doubt […]

May 292010
Lexiaguo (Luoxiagou) – where is it in China?

16   40Below is the information forwarded to me recently. It’s about a very beautiful place in China. It’s called Lexiaguo. Does Lexiaguo exist? The pictures look stunning. Since I used to travel to China a lot and  have never heard of this place, I did some research myself. Original text from the forwarded email: Lexiaguo […]

Jun 172009

11   0Tips on China’s Culture One quarter of the population on this earth are Chinese. Just in China alone, there are 1.3 billion people. As I am writing, how many more are born? It is impossible to generalize the tactics to deal with different Chinese people. Here I am sharing with you some of my […]

Jun 142009

22   0When I was working in China, I often asked the people I met there where are the most beautiful places in China. I always got these 2 answers: Li Jiang (丽江) in Yunnan and Jiu Zhai Gou (九寨沟) in Sichuan. Li Jiang literally means beautiful river because it’s situated near the first bend of […]