Mar 132011
How did the Chinese respond to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami

16 Since the Second World War, the Japan China relationship has always been awkard and uneasy and they have never been close. This is true not just from the government and political level, but among the ordinary citizens as well.  I am a Chinese. My grandfather would never buy any Japanese goods when he was […]

Nov 152010
Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story

9 Recently, I watched the programme of Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story by Channel 4. The programme, presented by Martin Durkin, painted a very gloomy picture for Britain. Using many visual presentations, Mr Durkin was telling the people in Britain that we are in serious trouble with 4.8 trillion pound in debt. And then, it […]

Aug 042010
Romantic Luxury Hotels in Spain – The Paradores

13 If you are looking for romantic luxury hotels for your holidays, I have a recommendation for you – the Paradores in Spain. My best travel experience in Spain was not Barcelona, which of course is always fascinating to visit when you are surrounded by Gaudi’s architecture and Picasso/Dali’s paintings. But my most romantic luxurious […]

Jul 252010
The Top 10 Chinese Masterpiece Paintings

27 The Top 10 Chinese Masterpiece Chinese Paintings Chinese paintings use ink, brush and colour pigment to draw on silk or rice paper. This is very different to the Western paintings. During the Beijing Olympics ceremonies in 2008, you probably have seen the breath-taking scenes of opening a scroll of pictures. I have no doubt […]

Jul 112010

10 Picking France as a holiday destination can be expensive. From my experience, the best value you can get without sacrifising quality too much is to stay in Logis (pronounciation similar to “lo shi” in French), an independently run lodging promoted and structured under an organisation called Logis de France in the beginning. The brand […]

Jul 042010
Where to see Lavender in Provence?

32 Starting from mid-Jun, the lavender plants will start to bloom in many parts of Provence, France. It will last until mid August, when farmers start to harvest the lavender and make them into all different types of scented products we love today: lavender oil, lavender soap, lavender lotion, lavender herbs, you name it. [singlepic […]

Jul 022010

25 I just came back from a trip to Provence and had the most wonderful steak tartare I’ve ever had. Curious as usual, I was very eager to find out how did the name tartare come from. What does it mean? Is steak tartare originated from France? Is tartare a French word? First, the meaning […]

Jun 272010
Some interesting cutural differences between East and West

56 Understanding of Chinese/Asian culture vs. Western… This is an interesting resesarch. Many people know the fundamental cultural differences between the East and the West but fail to articulate. I was forwarded this brilliant visual presentation of Asian culture vs. Western culture. Since Chinese is a dominate race in Asia, I must say that this reflects more […]

May 292010
Lexiaguo (Luoxiagou) – where is it in China?

19 Below is the information forwarded to me recently. It’s about a very beautiful place in China. It’s called Lexiaguo. Does Lexiaguo exist? The pictures look stunning. Since I used to travel to China a lot and  have never heard of this place, I did some research myself. Original text from the forwarded email: Lexiaguo […]