Oct 272014
Is a neoliberal economic model without an equally liberal political system sustainable? - A look at Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement

41 1 The current Hong Kong democratic protest will be an interesting case study in looking at the relation between liberal thinking, neoliberal economics and a totalitarian regime. China although still under the brand of a Communist country, their decentralised and open economic reforms since Deng Xiao Ping about 30 years ago are in essence […]

Jul 122011

22 1This is the original story of “Gordon Brown’s son has cystic fibrosis” written by The Sun published on 30 November 2006: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article73335. The story started with this: “FRIENDS of Gordon and Sarah Brown last night called their second baby heartache an ‘enormous blow’ – but said the couple were determined to stay strong.” and […]

Mar 132011
How did the Chinese respond to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami

16 5Since the Second World War, the Japan China relationship has always been awkard and uneasy and they have never been close. This is true not just from the government and political level, but among the ordinary citizens as well.  I am a Chinese. My grandfather would never buy any Japanese goods when he was […]

Nov 152010
Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story

9 0Recently, I watched the programme of Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story by Channel 4. The programme, presented by Martin Durkin, painted a very gloomy picture for Britain. Using many visual presentations, Mr Durkin was telling the people in Britain that we are in serious trouble with 4.8 trillion pound in debt. And then, it […]

Jul 042010
Where to see Lavender in Provence?

32 16Starting from mid-Jun, the lavender plants will start to bloom in many parts of Provence, France. It will last until mid August, when farmers start to harvest the lavender and make them into all different types of scented products we love today: lavender oil, lavender soap, lavender lotion, lavender herbs, you name it. [singlepic […]

Jul 222009

12 0Most of us are vain in nature. I found this trait “prominently subtle” in men. Not being sexist. But it is true. The more successful the man is, the more vain he can be. Women express vanity in clothes, jewellery and body shape. Men express it in wealth, status and indeed many in their […]

Jun 292009
Mourning for Michael Jackson

13 11I am mourning for the death of Michael Jackson. Those in my age (in the 40s) know very well that he has been part of our life. It did not matter where you lived. It did not matter whether you liked pop music or not. You could not be possible not heard of Michael Jackson […]