Most of us are vain in nature.

I found this trait “prominently subtle” in men. Not being sexist. But it is true. The more successful the man is, the more vain he can be. Women express vanity in clothes, jewellery and body shape. Men express it in wealth, status and indeed many in their clothes and shoes as well, not just cars and beautiful girlfriends.

“They think I am rich.”
“They think I am capable.”
“They think I am beautiful.”

Once we have this feeling in us, we feel good about ourselves. I suppose there’s nothing wrong about that. We all want (and sometimes desperate) to look good in other people’s eyes. It’s a matter of degree. Life is about balance, isn’t it?

Let’s do a test about the degree of vanity in you by truthfully answering the following questions:

1) Do you always notice that everyone seems to look at you when you are in a party?
2) Do you always go for the best possible top of the line products (no matter it is the Finest line in a supermarket, or a car or gadgets or a handbag) even you know it will be stretching your budget limit?
3) Do you always look into a mirror?
4) Do you like to meet important people a lot, like celebrity, senior government officials, or a very rich person etc.?
5) Do you always want to talk about your holidays but find it difficult or boring to listen to other people’s holiday experience?
6) Are you over-exercising?
7) Do you still dream to do something that you don’t normally do and will surprise all your friends, like writing a novel, starting a big business, getting a degree or buying a second home just to impress?
8) Do you feel you are richer than most of your friends?
9) Are you feeling a bit embarrassed by some of your family members?
One last question:
10) How many pairs of shoes do you have? – for women

10) What type of car are you driving? – for men

Keep the answers to yourself.

Vanity has a lot to do with class. According to some sociologists, people want to distinguish themselves as a different class by acquiring a special taste or knowledge in certain things, like the knowledge of wine. By demonstrating special knowledge in appreciating wine, they put themselves above many.

If we are honest with ourselves, the older we get, the more vain we become. Or may be it’s just simply a struggle between managing the peer group pressure and striving for a better life for ourselves?

Yes vanity is empty. Vanity also plays a part in the over 40s in order to maintain the balance of self-esteem that is constantly challenged by the ups and downs in life.

I wish we all play it well.

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